About Us

”Top Gum Sweet Industries LTD” is an Israeli based company founded over a decade ago, since then it has become the leading manufacturer of candy and gummy candy in Israel.

Product innovation, product quality, product design, freshness, premium raw materials, honoring and consideration for customers - these keywords are top priority in our Company. These values

have led the company’s products to be known and loved by millions of consumers worldwide. As part of our philosophy we place emphasis on quality, safety and innovation by using

comprehensive knowledge, technological tools and by adding new assembly lines. While our goal is to emphasize the brands and conect it to the final product, such as gummy shapes Hello Kitty Smurfs. We also keep the highest standards: ISO, HACCP along with our kosher certificates. In addition our factory is working on achiving higher standards of BRC & GMP certification.

Though based in Israel, Our products are exported around the globe and we are proud of our collaboration with leading candy manufacturers around the world, Especially in the field of chocolate and perlins under the category of excellent chocolate with a focus on a production under chalav Israel only, and with Badatz koshering.

Our motto is to keep producing high standard products, developing new products and giving our clients excellent service.

As part of our future plans we are in the process of encouraging a healthy life style by making a transition to natural materials and natural food coloring.

In 2016 we plan to continue providing to the local and global markets confectionery of all shapes,

sizes, flavors and colors.



Hai Hayon, CEO